For King and Coin

Mira's Journal

Of Wolves and Magic

Perhaps it was a stroke of luck, or some plan set in motion by the Maker, but Mira found herself in the company of one Phiter Kolb. Who then in turn found themselves with a curious companion and his furry, four legged partner. While traveling to the Brescilian Forest, the company found themselves accosted by rather aggressive pack of wolves. Though she was able to dispatch of the beasts, they left Mira injured. To her surprise, Kolb proved to a mage of the Circle, and use those magics to heal her wounds. What a stroke of luck, she was certainly glad that she wouldn’t be meeting the Maker that day.

- - -
… Maker’s breath… the carnage they found was enough to make even the most seasoned of warriors retch. Whatever task had been given to Kolb was certainly the type that set them on the path of danger. These men’s lives meant little to whoever had slaughtered them so carelessly. At that time, Mira made it her personal duty to protect Mister Kolb, she felt that his mission was very important, even though she didn’t know all the details.

- - -
“You bloody hounds! Die ALREADY!” She bellowed as her sword swung passed the blight wolf. Mira was finding it difficult to hit the nimble creatures.

“GAH!!” White hot pain shot through her body as a fanged maw crushed past her armor and sunk into the flesh of her arm. A second wolf had joined the fray and made to take her down. The beast swung it’s violently, nearly ripping her arm from the socket.

“You bastard!!” Mira shrieked, trying to spin her free arm, that which held her shield, Mira tried her best to swing the beast off. That is where she made her mistake. Taking her eyes off the first wolf gave it the opportunity it was looking for.

“AH!” Mira felt the impact shudder down to her very bones as the first wolf slammed into her, spines, teeth and claws ripping against her armor. The ground came to meet her with a sharp pang, the jolt ran through to every nerve in her body. Her vision blurred for a moment as a third wolf bared down on her, fangs and claws rending the clothe pieces of her armor and making a mess of the flesh beneath.

This was it… this was how it was going to end.

“Papa… Maker… I’m sorry…” The breathless whisper escaped her bloodied lips as she slipped away from consciousness. What felt like a life time later, a cool sensation filled her body, a tingling sensation ran its way down to every fingertip and every toe. As Mira came back to the surface of reality, she could feel the flesh and bone knitting itself back together. She felt her heart beat stronger and her lungs gasped for a deep breath of air.

All she did was simply smile up at Kolb as he poured more magic into healing her battered body. A soft whisper came from her. “Thank you…”



Mira's Journal

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