For King and Coin

Phiter's Journal

Quick notes

Journal Entry – Tuesday
My harrowing was horrible. There was a face, a face in the fade… I never will forget that face.

Regardless, the Arch-Mage is proud of my overcoming the harrowing and even Templar Dran, thoguht I did very well. So much so, he even said he had a special mission for me to do. He’ll tell me about it tomorrow, he sent me to rest. After I finish this journal I will eat and then sleep. Good night.

Dear journal,

Yesterday was a long day, I am currently on the road right now headed across Ferendel. The Arch-Mage has tasked me with retrieving a Tevinter artifact that a team has discovered. Mr. Gus is a strong mule I bought from the local farmers as well as some discrete clothing. I have heard mages aren’t too trusted out here, I would rather just get there not accosted.

Dear journal,

Sorry for the lack of entries, it has been nice to be out of the circle. The fresh air and the usually wonderful people. I met up with a very friendly young adventurer named Mira. I told her I was headed to the Brecilian Forest looking to meet up with some workers from the circle. She said that she wanted to see the world and would love to join me.

Dear journal,

I thank the Maker for Mira, she saved my skin from a wolf attack. Her quick blade kept them at bay, though she was pretty hurt. I had to heal her, while she was surprised she was thankful for my healing skills. Eventually, I caved in and explained to her that I was working for the circle.

Journal, as a side note the greatest tragedy is that, she’s kinda cute.

Dear journal,

We’ve added two more to our party. The first being a well behaved dog, the other being it’s owner. Apparently the owner’s sister was murdered by a horned man, and he’s looking for him. From the description, it sounds to me like one of the Qunari. Hopefully, he doesn’t end up having problems.

As a side note, I am not sure what he does. He talks a lot and he’s very friendly, but for life of me I am not sure much about him. It’s probably to do with my seclusion. Books are much easier to read then people.


Everyone was dead. I have the artifact and heading back now. The guards that were to escort me lay flayed on the ground. I need more security. I have promised Mira and Anslo, coinage for successfully returning me to the circle. I know the Arch-Mage, and the circle will understand and be able to forward the 20 gold a piece I have promised them. The circle must be well enough funded that such small amounts wouldn’t cause too much of a stir.

Ancient texts speak of how knights would be given twice as much if not more to go on quests. In fact, the tale of sir……….

Dear Journal,

The Maker smiles upon me again, we’ve found another party. While they are not directly heading for the circle they have promised to help me. As long as myself and my party aids them in their small endeavor now. There has been some problems with missing Dalish and this party is tasked with looking for them.

Once we find these lost hunters and return them to their clan everything should be fine and we can move on.

This other party has 3 members, the first being a loud and boisterous Dwarf named Hakon. He hails from Orsimmar Nobility and is looking to return. Thus the return past the circle fits within his traveling plans excellently. The second is a, well I think he’s a bard. He draws a bit and is very charismatic. His wine was a lot better then mine. His name is Ivan. Lastly, there is Elora. She’s a dalish scout that is escorting Ivan throughout the forest on his quest. I am not sure if she will stay with us after the quest is over though.

Dear Journal,

We’ve encountered a farm house. It was ransacked. There were bodies everywhere. So much blood, I don’t. It’s hard to write. We found an elfen girl, close to death. She’s stable now, but unconscious. The literate bard, caught sight of an unknown symbol and copied it on page (…). I don’t recognize it, but now we need to find the girl medical attention.

Friday continued
Dear journal,

It seems the Dalish are not liked very liked in this area. We made it to a small village and brought the girl to the Chantry. The villagers however, formed a large mob and attempted to seige the Chantry when they heard of the elfen girl. Luckily the Ivan, the bard detoured them. He’s as skilled with words as his crossbow.

It would be best to stay on his good side, luckily he seems to be a friendly enough fellow.

Dear journal,

My luck seems to have ran out. Anslo has left the party, he’s heard news of the horned man to the North. Still, I wish him the best of luck and hope to see him again in my travels!

Additionally, the girl has awoken and speaks of a terrible evil that has come about deep in the South East of the forest. She says that this evil is likely to spread throughout the lands. Additionally, whatever evil has awakened is related to the missing hunters. As such, my guards need to investigate. Supposedly there are ancient ruins involved.

This detour is ill advised, but returning alone is almost asking for danger. I…well, if this evil turns out to be true and people die from it. I must do something, in the best case scenario, we find these hunters, the evil is small/non-existant, and I can do a bit of quick research into these ruins.

Wish us luck!

Dear journal,

I don’t have long to write, but I have seen the face of death. It looks exactly like a giant fissure hundreds of yards deep and filled with sharp rocks.



Phiter's Journal

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