For King and Coin

Sleepless Evening

-panic on letter head-

It seems Phiter got minimal sleep during the night. Around his cot and impromptu desk, there are a pile of crumpled papers. Unfurling each of them you read the following.

Dear First Enchanter,
The adventure is going well, bad weather seems to have waylaid the expedition and we are a while behind. It is slow going though I am trying to get back post haste. The members of the excavation team are doing well…

The letter trails ceases. Picking up another,

Beloved First Enchanter,
I, your trusted student Phiter, have made contact with the excavation team, however they were worst for wear. I retrieved the artifact and left with a couple allies for the road. It has been slow going but we are making our way to the circle. The artifact however seems to have disappeared in the night while I slept. After searching the camp I could not find…

and another,

First Enchanter,
Everything is fucked…

another still,

First Enchanter,
The excavation site was ravaged, blood and bodies splattered across the site. I don’t know what hit them or why, the artifact was still there, I grabbed it and I left with friends. En route to the circle Mr. Guss was killed, I hauled the cart myself to just shy of Denerim. At that point we were attacked by bandits and they took off with the cart, and the artifact.

The letters continue on and on, eventually you see Phiter asleep in his bed with his bed open. Leaning over you read one final letter.

Dear First Enchanter,
The excavation team is dead. They were killed long before I got there. With the artifact in hand, we left the site and headed north to Denerim. Mr. Guss, my mule, was killed and eaten. From there I had to haul the cart by hand. A few days shy of Denerim we encountered a town raided, pillaged and plundered by bandits and ne’erdowells. Wanting to help out the local population we assisted the new appoint baron. This man seems to be employing apostates. I alerted the local Templars, but they lack the numbers to help.
While investigating the bandits we discovered the baron is working with the bandits. Heading back to town the apostate and its Chasind filth ambushed us on the road. The apostate escaped before I could capture it. When we returned to town, I come to discover unknown assailants had stolen our goods. I am no longer in possession of the artifact at the point of writing this letter.

I will secure this artifact before I return to the Circle.




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