Mira Birindelli


Level 1 Human Ferelden Freeman Guardsman


0 – Communication
3 – Constitution
1 – Cunning
1 – Dexterity
3 – Magic
3 – Perception
2 – Strength
0 – Willpower (Self-Discipline)

Health: 38
Defense: 13
Armor Rating: 5
Speed: 11

Weapon Training: Brawling, Spears, Heavy Blades, and Bludgeoning
Languages: R/W Trade Tongue

Class Powers:

Weapon and Shield Training (novice): Gain full defense bonus when using a shield.

Single Weapon Training (novice): Gain +1 defense when fighting with a single weapon.

Armor Training (novice): Leather and mail armor don’t cause dexterity penalties.

-Traveler’s Garb
-Crossbow (2d6+1 damage, Reload: Major, Range 30/60, 20 bolts)
-Bastard Sword (2d6+1 damage, melee)
-Throwing Spear (1d6+3 damage, Range 8/16)
-Mace (2d6 damage, melee)
-Medium Shield (+2 Defense)
Light mail armor (5 Armor, -2 penalty) -50 sp
Flask -50 cp
Flint and Steel -10 cp
3 Torches -30 cp
Whetstone -10 cp
1 Week of rations -2 sp

Gold: 0 Silver: 6 Copper: 0


“Papa…” The whimper escaped her dry, cracked, and bloodied lips. The gloved hand that she held onto tightly was growing limp. “Please… hang on… The-there’s a healer coming.”

Even if a healer did reach them in time, she knew that it was hopeless. The poisoned arrow had made a sure strike into his heart, it was devastatingly crippling blow. The glow of life in his eyes began to fade, the shadow of death was looming over him.

“Don’t cry child…” He breathed weakly. “Be strong… Mira.”

The sound of her name from her father made her clench his hand tighter. She bent closer, knowing that his strength was waning and speaking would be difficult. Mira’s mind raced to find some type of answer, some way to save her dying father. There must be some thing she could do.

“Mira…” He said quietly. “Do not settle for this mundane life…”

Her eyes popped up, looking at her father’s graying face.

“Do not settle… See the world… as I wish I had… when I was… younger.” He smiled gently, giving a final squeeze of her hand before the final breath of life escaped from his placid lips.

- – - – - – -

“I’m resigning from the guard.” Mira placed a folded piece of parchment on the desk in front of the Redcliffe city guard captain.

“Listen… Birindelli. I know that you are going through a hard time with the lost of your father. But you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” The captain said, a frown on his face. He knew that letting a woman into the guard was a bad idea when Mira joined the guard a year ago.

“Sir… It’s true that I miss my father. But this is something that I need to do. Something that I need to do for my father and for myself.” She slid the document closer, a steely resolve over her face.

“Alright… please turn in your city gear to the armory.” The captain took the page and set it aside with the other documents littering the desk. He didn’t even bother to read it.

“Thank you sir.” Mira said as she gave a slight bow, turned on her heel and strode from the office.


“Here we go…” She looked at the village of Redcliffe from the top of knoll she stopped at for one final look at her home. Her hand reached up and held the small leather satchel that was tied around her neck.

“Alright Papa… We’re off to see the world.”

Mira Birindelli

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