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Welcome to the wiki!

This is the wiki for “For King and Coin”. It serves as a starting point for the wiki.

To create an entirely new page, just click on this link right here: A New Page. When you save the page, make sure to change the name from “A New Page” to whatever you want the wiki page to be about.

Linking to existing pages

To link to an existing page, click the Wiki Link button on the right. You can quickly look up the page you want and insert a link to it. Alternatively, you can just put double brackets around whatever it is that you want to link. This will immediately create a new page by that name if one does not already exist, which is another way you can make an entirely new page.

Linking to characters

For PCs and NPCs in the campaign, use the Character Link button to the right. Or you can use the double bracket method above.

HTML and Textile

To style things how you want, we use a simple formatting language called Textile. Textile is easy to learn and simultaneously allows for lots of customization.


When you create a page, please be sure to put the proper tags in the page itself. I encourage everyone to browse the wiki and see what kind of tags there are. (And to get the information within, of course.) If you have any questions about tags, you all know how to reach me.

Main Page

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