For King and Coin

The song

A anger fuels the bellows of my heart. The red haze that fills my vision after I say the words “ I chose her.” The screams of the villagers, the sly smile on the bandits faces turns in to a look of fear when they see what they have released. My face is wet with their blood, my arms moving with one purpose to kill them all. This is no work for my bow, this is something I must to with my hands, I need to feel the metal sliding threw the bandit woman’s back. I have to hear the tearing of flesh as my blades sink into the chest of these vile people. I steal the last breath from one of this scum spinning them to face me so I can look him in the eye nose to nose and eye to eye and see the light go out in his. Gone is my care for my companions, my lover whom I came here to save. None of that matters. All that now matters is the dance. The song of my blades playing their melody, the screams of these people, be it the men their women, children they must all pay.



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