Ivan Van Markham

Son of a Dragon Hunter, making his own way.

Ivan watched the sea birds dipping into the sea wings folding and arrowing down into to catch their prey. The gulfs waters where greenish blue this far out of the city and the lack of noise allowed him to concentrate. Ivan was a tall thin youngster just ending his seventeenth summer, his lack of bulk, his peaceful demeanor, and fine sharp features often made people question his heritage. Most of the free peoples of Nevarra tended to be the opposite. Where his people used strength of arms, Ivan preferred guile. This as well as his fair looks had caused the unfortunate nickname the “Maiden”. A name that also had caused his exile, when one of his older brothers called him the name one too many times, and then stole away with his bathing clothes and replaced them with a servants dress during one of his fathers famed tourney’s. In Nevarra killing and death are the norm, however kinslaying no matter how justified is very frowned on. “Jeoff was as weak as he was witless, but I can not let this stand and do not about it son” his father said staring down at him from his dragon bone throne. " You will need to leave for a time at least until the people forget what happened. I will send you to study at the School of War. Let us see if your talents can do our realm more good in siege craft than drawing pictures of trees and the local maidens." Ivan tried to hid his smile. “Yes father, I will do as you command” he stated looking up and his father the famed dragon hunter and warrior with cold blue eyes.

“One last question, whose dress did you strangle your brother with……”


Ivan Van Markham

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