For King and Coin

By candlelight Phiter sighs and closes his letter. Sliding it gently into his new acquired pack, before blowing out the lone candle and sliding under a heavily woven blanket on the hay stuffed bed.

Dear First Enchanter,

I am sorry for my delayed return to the circle. By happenstance I have encountered the man you sent to retrieve me. We are currently hunting down the artifact.

My First Enchanter, I have served loyally and proved my worth time and time again in the tower. Why did you not tell me more about the artifact? When I left the tower I was informed that the Tevinter artifact was purely academic in nature. Though with the malediction that seems to hang over this artifact and the level of attention it is receiving shows that, it holds much larger and darker secrets then you lead me to believe.

My friend Elora died protecting me, the excavation team was murdered, and everyone seems to know more about this blasted artifact then myself. I deserve to know what I am risking not only my life but also the lives of my compatriots. Something dark holds sway of this artifact and were it not for the few people I have met, I would be dead as well.

Demons, apostates, humanity at its darkest, the torture and death of innocent people.


Elgar’nan’s followers seems to be following us as well, driving people mad. Maker, preserve us from the evil. Should the Maker will it we will return victorious. There is a caravan heading in the direction we need to go. One can hope they don’t stab us in the back as well. Their horses look strong and able and my feet are sore and torn.

Best regards,



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